This is meeeee!

So you wanna know more about who I am and how you can criticize me, do you? Yeah well here are all the information you would ever need to do that.

I'm one absolutely gorgeous man, who drift in and out of reality from time to time, making everyday feel like a ride in a nuclear powered submarine from dimension X1K4. Yes I know that you have all been there, so cut the charade!
Anyway, as you might have read on in the feed or even in the news, the old site died which was very good indeed. So now it's had a total makeover and are now a webcomic page!

The idea for a webcomic was actually old, and originally came from reading other comics aswell. So as this is the first attempt at making something creative on the net.

Mails are as follow:


Btw. I'm from Denmark!

Give peace a chance!



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